(Programme 19th Meeting of the Portuguese Electrochemical Society) - 2014

Time  June 29  June 30  July 1 July 2
8:00 - 10:00     Conference Registration
  Auditorium 23.1.5 Auditorium 23.1.5 Auditorium 23.1.5
8:50-9:00 Openning
9:00-10:00 SPE AWARDS
Award Lecture - ET-Induced Reactions on Coordination Compounds, M. Fátima Silva
Award Address - J. Simão
Youth Scientist Award - Designing Layered double hydroxide nanostructures for active protection of aluminium alloys, J. Tedim
Plenary Lecture- Proton conducting materials for electrochemical energy conversion at high temperatures, T. Norby Plenary Lecture - Electrochemical methods applied to corrosion studies in the oil and gas industry, O. Rosa Mattos 
9:50:10:00 Course Registration Auditorium 23.1.5 Room 23.3.15 Auditorium 23.1.5 Room 23.3.15
10:00-10:20 EIS-course Theoretical part Plenary Lecture- Electrochemical enhancement of latent fingerprints on metal surfaces, A.R. Hillman The anodic behaviour of metals at extremely large current densities-Lohrengel High-performance ceria-based membranes for CO2 separation-S. Patrício Novel time-frequency characterization of electrochemical noise data in corrosion...-Mol New and promising PdSn catalysts for ethanol oxidation in alkaline solution, S.Salomé
10:20-10:40 Inhibition of galvanic corrosion in light-weight multi-material combinations-Kallip Redox stability and high-temperature electrical conductivity...-Ferreira Plasticizer-free solid-contact pH-selective microelectrode...-Taryba Ni/CeO2 composite anodes prepared by plastic deformation for oxygen evolution in alkaline solutions, J.F.Monteiro
10:40-11:00 coffee break coffee break coffee break
  Auditorium 23.1.5 Room 23.3.15 Auditorium 23.1.5 Room 23.3.15 Auditorium 23.1.5 Room 23.3.15
11:00-11:20 Phosphomolybdates@graphene nanocomposites for selective sensing of dopamine - Fernandes Composite membranes for high temperature PEM fuel cells- Zamora  Electrochemical studies of carbon fiber reinforced plastics in chloride media- Ofoegbu Ytterbia-ceria ceramics for intermediate temperature electrochemical applications - Rajesh Corrosion protection of AA2024 by epoxy coating modified with pH sensitive containers...-Snihirova  Dye sensitized solar cells based on ZnO nanostructured photoanodes-D.Siopa
11:20-11:40 Sequential block-built electrochemical peptide sensor for antibody detection - Puiu Electrocatalytic performance of modified electrodes with MFe2O4 nanoparticles-I.Almeida  Localised study of the effect of crystallographic orientation on the electrochemical ...- Y. G. Garcia   Sintering and transport properties of SrZr0.,9Y0.1O3-d for application in protonic ceramic electrolyser cells-G. Heras-Juaristi Investigation of cerium-based conversion coatings on AA6060-L. Paussa  ZnO-based core-shell nanostructures applied in dye solar cells-T. Frade
11:40-12:00 Penicillinase-based amperometric biosensor for penicillin G - Gonçalves Electropolymerization of tailored metalloporphyrin monomers for the electrocatalytic reduction of O2-I.M.Ornelas The scanning vibrating electrode technique and its application to corrosion research-A. Bastos   Ni/YSZ cermets for solid oxide fuel cell anodes via 2-step sintering-A. Davarpanah Initial growth kinetics of oxide layer at polyaniline emeraldine base coating/Mg alloy...-Y. Luo Semiconductor nanostructure arrays for photoelectrochemical water splitting-L. Liu
12:00-12:20 Fabrication and application of a new modified electrochemical sensor... - Kucukkolbasi Carbon supported bimetallic nanocatalyst decorated with platinum for proton exchange membrane fuel cell- R.Flores-Rojas Galvanic corrosion of two noble dental alloys in modified artificial saliva - Capelo Electrochemically deposited manganese oxides nanoflakes for pseudocapacitors-T. Nguyen Closing Ceremony/Posters' Award
12:20-12:40 Heat-treatments for carbon activation of commercial screen printed electrodes - Gusmão Surface functionalization of carbon supports for PEM fuel cell catalysts-A.Capelo Assessment of activity and capacity of antioxidants based on the kinetics of the reaction...-Bento Assessment of electrical conductivity relaxation technique for the measurements of oxygen-ion diffusion in solids-K. Zakharchuk Auditorium 23.1.5
12:40-14:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:00-14:20 EIS-course Pratical Session The mathematical description for the work of electrochemical sensor of dopamine and uric acid - Tkach Iridium-based mono and bimetallic anode catalysts supported on titanium oxides for PEM hydrogen generation- E. Slavcheva Electron transfer in branched expanded pyridinium molecules-Hromodová  Porous composite membranes based on poly(vinylidene-trifluoroethylene) for L-ion battery aplications-J.Nunes-Pereira Sightseeing tour
14:20-14:40 About the mechanism of cathodic protection of metal coated steel as presented by...-Lamaka La0.8Sr0.2FeO3-d perovskite type oxide as a bifunctional oxygen electrode in a regenerative fuel cell relevant environment- C.M.Rangel Electrochemical oxidation of taxifolin in nonaqueous media-Kocábová  Tailored PVDF-based polymers for litium ion battery separator membranes-C.M. Costa 
14:40-15:00 Sensing coatings for early detection of corrosion-Maia Construction of a layer by layer electron transport chain using a multienzymatic system immobilized on ion Jelly films- R.N.L. Carvalho Voltammetric Properties of azo dyes- Menek Influence of the degree of porosity of poly(vinylidene fluoride-cohexafluoropropylene) separator membranes in the performance of Li-ion battery aplications-R.E. Sousa
15:00-15:20 Test of OIH gel composites with embedded corrosion inhibitors as corrosion protection coatings... - Silva Characterization of Ta nanoparticles for electrolytic capacitors-M.Manko Odd random phase electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for reliable parameter...-Macía  Development, synthesis and electrochemical characterization of new lithium borates and ionic liquids for lithium metal and lithium ion batteries-H.J.Gores 
15:20-15:40 The impedance spectroscopy technique as a tool to study the durability of a composite patch - Pérez New protic ionic liquids electrolytes in MnO2-based electrochemical capacitors- C.A.C.Ruiz   Advances in electrochemically assisted injection in combination with capillary...-Matysik   Effect of electrical conduction on capacity/stability of electrode/electrolyte for lithium ion batteries-Funga 
15:40-16:00   Graphene/transition metal oxides composite as supercapacitor electrodes- A.Garcia-Gomez Nanoparticle-based systems-Oztekin  Monocationic vs. Dicationic Ionic Liquids at charged surfaces - Costa * Dep. Materials Engineering, University of Aveiro
** Centro Cultural e de Congressos de Aveiro - Cais da Fonte Nova, Aveiro
16:00-16:20 coffee break coffee break Oxide ionics Others
16:20-18:00 Poster Session Poster session Sensors Supercapacitors
  Li-batteries Corrosion
17:00-19:00 Conference Registration*       Photoelectrochemical cells Electrolytic alkaline processes
19:00-21:00 Welcome Reception*   20:00 - Conference Dinner - "Olá Ria" restaurant** PEM fuel cells & electrolysers